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    So this Sunday detrimental pulled an impressive 45 goats to there 6th Sunday trip, which shows we are continuing to grow in a scene that is absolutely dire at the moment. So our first fight was meant to be against Hydra but they left us standing for 20 minutes at fog so we had enough and wanted some action and logged into a pvp world and to our surprise fatality rushed us from the west and we stood our ground firmly. Then bp decide to come in from the east and yet we stood there and continued to push them back until ly came from the south. We then eventually teleported out from south off fog and regrouped at edge quick return to the chaos altar meaning we could rush south towards fog and hit legacy and fatality from behind. it seemed that ir and bp were pushing both the clans from the south to move north and we were picking off fi and legacy members one by one until eventually legacy over powered us and pushed us straight into chaos altar where we stood our ground but in the end it was jut a cluster off clans!!! After all the fighting we met bp and hydra at falador and organised a 3 way fight but for it to be a 5 way fight instead legacy and fi crashed which made it more of a good fight. we logged in right in the centre off the action and took control off the fight straight away by moving deep into the centre off falador and controlling the teleport spot. And picking off returning clans members as they returned blunt purez came rushing from the east off the bank with a small group off members but got pushed back and had to find another way off returning. Eventually it just became a main fest as rev warriors turned up in full black d hide which is kind off sad considering its a pure event!!
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    Detrimental versus Legacy. Yesterday was a big day for Detrimental, approached earlier last week by Legacy for a 20 vs 20 mini at clan wars. Upon massing and being ready to go, Legacy wasn't able to pull a full 20 for the fight. We dropped the fight to a 16 vs 16 after sitting multiple members ready for action. Unfortunately we lost the mini against them, the first round we fought we gave Legacy the fight of their life. The 2nd and 3rd round were also very good fights. We might have lost the mini but we got some good practice in and motivation to keep getting better! Be proud of how we did yesterday boys and lets keep going!
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    Welcome man! was good seeing you out there today!
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    Get them.in here bro downfall and welcome
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    Hell yeah bruv! Love the enthusiasm! Keep grindin