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  1. Open for training etc this week
  2. Thanks blast 🙂 anytime buddy
  3. Been doing alot of stuff for blastout over past 3 days 🙂
  4. Thanks for reviews guys. Currently free to train this weekend if anyone wants anything done
  5. smite monsters training done on his zerk. (all skill requirments for barrows gloves)
  6. 2nd session complete. 34-55 mining and 58-70 crafting complete for jonny and 1800 🙂
  7. 2nd session complete. 34-55 mining and 58-70 crafting complete for jonny 🙂
  8. First training session complete. Did jonnys zerk 35-61 woodcut :)
  9. if anyone wants any leveling doing or questing get in touch. i can do any quest or any leveling wont be botted unless its alching for mage but have a premium paid bot that is very very low ban risk. anything else will be done by hand. I have done this for 2 people already and am trusted and can supply vouches
  10. future i got hit by the mass ban lost so much man i was 16000 item level had all the best in slot (fury boots etc) but ban hammer hit me fucking hard 😞
  11. thought id start a post to see what else people play. Im personally a PS4 gamer normally but my ps4 imploded about 2 months ago hence the return to runescape lol. (glad i did though 🙂 ) I mainly play runescape only atm but i do also play a few mobile games too. Currently; clash royale, south park phone destroyer, bit heroes and command and conquer rivals. Im also a poker player although not as much as i used to be 🙂 . Currently wishing i could offer my left testical for a ps4 pro and a copy of the new red dead redemption. when i did have a ps4 i played alot of neverwinter and destiny 2 also a bit of cod zombies 🙂
  12. denw0

    denw0 - intro

    RSN: denw0 Clan History: crow gang lmfao Main form of PKing: revs How long you've PK'd for:18 years More about yourself:you all know me fuck sake :D

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