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  1. Uzi

    DDOS Intro :)

    L0l waddup bb
  2. Nice to meet you 🙂
  3. Detrimental Experienced Member Application Requirements Be part off detrimental for over 4 weeks 94 mage 90 strength 92 range 60 attack 52 prayer 50 return sets in bank A tank test must be passed which will be verified by a Warlord+ A return test must be passed (Under 50 Seconds) which will be verified by a Warlord+ Must have max gear available for clan wars Application Form The date you joined Detrimental Screenshot of your current combat stats with name included Tank test approved by Screenshot of current clan wars gear tab with name included Return Sets We at Detrimental wish you the best of luck and want to thank you for being a member with us for this long. We truly dedicate your dedication and love for Detrimental. G.O.A.T
  4. Your application has been set to pending. Make sure to stay active in-game and on discord. If you do not already meet the requirements, please keep training your account. Make sure you attend official Inners and official trips every week. Within the next 24 hours a ranked member will speak to you directly to ensure you understand what is needed for Detrimental.
  5. Uzi


    Hey man 🙂
  6. Uzi

    Hybrid PK

    Cancelled. Thanks for the app anyways.
  7. Uzi

    lazR app

    Hey Man. 🙂
  8. When I get bored I look up names Some of the names are avaliable I think they're good names for pures/detrimental members. If a name is in use, just let me know and I'll remove it, and if you find one and don't mind sharing then post it here. >Teal Hats< >Return Tab< >W86 Massing< >Massing W86< >W86 Edge< >Edge W86< >Cyberbullies< >Perjudicial< *spanish for Detrimental* >Team-25< >PKR-I< >Full Ghostly< >P2P Sunday< >XL PC< >NT PC<

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