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  1. Post a link to your introduction (Note that making an introduction is mandatory before applying, do not bother posting this application without one.) [Here] Runescape Name:iil sell bck What is your combat level?: 87 Provide a picture of your in-game stats with your in-game name showing: [Here] What country & time zone do you live in?: miami fl List the name of every clan/team/community you have ever been part of and provide reasons why you are no longer in them: (If we are to find that you are missing out or lying about any of the clans you put down, it will result in your application being declined.)mayhem makers YEARS ago in original OSRS List everyone who is willing to refer you and the amount of time you have known them for: [Here] Commitment Have you read the rules / requirements for Detrimental? y Clan Times/Can You Attend Monday Inners: 3PM EST & 7PM EST 3p and 7pm all day Wednesday Mid-week: 3PM EST & 7PM EST [Y/N] Sunday: 3PM EST & 7PM EST all day Provide a picture of you in the discord havent been invited Provide a picture of your return tab, 25 sets minimum Provide a picture of your gear setup [Here] List of all pure quests you've completed ALL that i know of till myth gloves, bear head, etc (Desert Treasure, Horror from the deep, Monkey madness, Recipe for disaster up to mithril gloves, lost city). all of the above except DT
  2. lazRN

    lazR app

    thank ou thank you
  3. lazRN

    lazR app

    RSN:iil sell bck Clan History:mayhem makers Main form of PKing:all types How long you've PK'd for: since 2008 More about yourself:iam a registered nurse looking for a pk clan, for main and my maxed ags pure

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